Our custom skis start at $1750.00. We’ll give you the exact price of your skis during your design consultation. If you haven’t already done so, please schedule a design appointment or give us a call at (970) 728-0107 and we’ll get you on the calendar.

Wagner Custom offers a smarter way to purchase skis. We map your Skier DNA and then build your optimal skis that allow you to reach your absolute highest potential. You’ll know you’re on your ideal equipment and spend your time in the mountains having fun skiing rather than demoing and evaluating skis.

Figure out wording of YES. LOL

We guarantee that you’ll 100% love your Wagner Custom skis. Buy them, ski them hard, and evaluate them. If you don’t like your skis, just let us know and we’ll make it right by building you a new set or returning your money. There’s zero risk of getting stuck with a set of skis from us that you don’t absolutely love.

It typically takes 3 weeks from final approval to delivery. Have a trip coming up or need then sooner? Email (info@wagnerskis.com) or call us at 970.728.0107 to see if we can fast track them for you.

Nope. We create and ship skis all over the world. Get started by completing the Skier DNA questionnaire or call us at 970.728.0107. We do recommend that you use your skis as a reason to visit us in Telluride and test drive your new skis!

CUSTOM DESIGNS - where you/you and our designers create a design unique to you using (but not limited to):
Established Artwork - using an existing painting or drawing
Photography or Photograph(s) - can be from a professional, or be your own
Graphic Elements - stripes, patterns, ombre, flags, text, etc.
Logo(s) - you’ll need permission to use logos if they aren’t your own.

WOOD VENEERS - check out our options here

ARTIST SERIES - check out our options here

STOCK GRAPHICS - this includes solid color skis, as well as skis pre-designed with artwork. Check out our options here 

Yes! Here are a few things we have found that work:

Simplicity is best. While you are likely to have multiple ideas, we highly suggest narrowing down your concept to just one or two. 

If you have a concept, we can help you find good existing images or artwork. 

If you are stuck and just can’t make a decision or if you need help locating artwork, feel free to reach out to us and we can help walk you through the process. 

If you are working with your own designer or artist, or commissioning an original piece of artwork for your skis, we always suggest giving them a hard deadline. We’ve seen skis get sidelined for many weeks, and it’s not fun. We can create a ski template with your unique ski shape that you can pass along to your artist or designer.

Once you have an idea, it’s time to gather your artwork, photography, graphics, etc.

The next step is sending us an email with your concept and any images you’d like to use. From there, we’ll review everything and let you know what else we need. Once we have everything from you, we will put together a few design options.

Once you take a look at the concepts we sent and think it over, let us know your feedback. We can revise the options until you are happy. After we have final approval on your graphic, your skis can enter production. It generally takes three weeks from this point to ski delivery.

Please use .pdf, .ai, or .eps when possible. We will need the largest version of the image you can get. The bigger the image, the more options we can create for your layout. 

Yes, very much. We need permission to use any copyrighted material. That includes logos, artwork, text, etc. If you want to use copyrighted art, you’ll need to reach out to the owners and get permission (we can help with this – just ask). We’ve found that most artists/institutions are happy to give permission for one-time use (sometimes for a nominal fee). We will need explicit written permission to use any copyrighted material.

Sadly, we are limited by dye sublimation technology! We can't do the following:

Mixed finishes (i.e. actual wood veneer plus color; matte with gloss) 

Sparkles or glittery finishes 


Opaque topsheets with translucent areas 

Fluorescents and neon colors (although we can send out for a screen-printed flat neon color at an additional cost. Please ask.)

Yes! We will buy up to 3 images from the stock photo website of our choice. You will be responsible for buying additional artwork, as needed. We can help you find and purchase artwork as well as find illustrators to create original art.

Our designers create most ski designs using existing artwork. If you have found artwork that you know you like, we know you’ll like the look and feel of the skis using that artwork. If you’d like to create original artwork for your skis, we’ll probably need to get an artist or illustrator involved. We can help you find an artist or illustrator who can make your concept come to life. Once we have a digital copy of the original artwork, our designers will create a ski layout with that material. Just ask and we’ll help with this process. And, if you come up with a really simple concept, we can likely handle that artwork in-house.

Once we have worked out your ski shape and you have placed your order, we’ll provide a template of your ski with graphic guidelines. Our designers will be available to answer any questions and make final revisions.

You are responsible for final approval, as the file that you approve will go to print. We are not responsible for typos or errors once the final file has been approved by you.

The colors that you see on screen may not be an exact match to the final product. This has to do with the differences between computer monitors, and the difference between your monitor and our printer/topsheet materials. If color is very important to you, the only way to proof the actual color is to request a sample. One small (7” x 5”) sample is included in the cost of a custom graphic. Additional or larger proofs are available for a charge -- please ask for details. Note that you cannot return a pair of skis due to the color unless you had previously asked for (and approved) a sample.

Dye-sublimation is the process we use to transfer dye (ink) onto our topsheet material. This process occurs in our heat press machine, transitioning the dye to a liquid and onto a new surface. Neon, fluorescents, and metallic colors are special inks that do not work with the dye-sublimation process.